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My name is David Morgan, but I’m mostly known around the internet as “Davee”.

I’m a 20 year old Scottish 3rd year student studying Computer and Electronic Systems at Strathclyde University. My interests involve breaking stuff and attempting to fix it again. More specifically, I follow an active interest into cryptography and digital security. I have based a lot of cryptographic research on the PSP and PSVita systems, with a specific specialty and interest into the PSP, where I have been leading a lot of great research into the new security features of the new models.

I also have an interest in electronics which I hope to broaden as a skill to help entertain my appreciation for digital security. Gaining such skills will allow myself to further my knowledge into security implementation flaws within systems and allow me to analyse a system without the need for device-side software.

On the topic of security flaws, I do not believe that such things should be kept secret. I follow the principle of learning from mistakes and publicity to fix things. A critical security flaw can lead to secret development of malicious software to take advantage of this and put personal details or corporate secrets at risk. My education of security implementation is based off careful reading of various books and experience of implementation failures.

In addition, I have interests in music and sport and use whatever spare time I have to pursue these and even integrate them into various projects that I may be completing.

Twitter: @DaveeFTW