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Here we are at last, the release of 6.61 Infinity. It’s been over 11 years since the PSP was released back in 2004 and it’s somewhat impressive how long this device lasted. There is no definitive end to the representative scene, it just gets quieter and quieter. I’m not claiming this releases is the end of the PSP, but it is for me. I’ve spent the last few years working on individual work on the PS Vita and other projects and coming back to the PSP in October 2014 to begin this project was definitely nostalgic. The goal of this project was to bring the missing component of permanent CFW to the new PSP models and firmware. In this regard, I somewhat failed; PSP E1000 is not supported by Infinity due to a lapse in my judgement.

Tool used to build infinity's hybrid firmware
Tool used to build infinity’s hybrid firmware

You see, I did all my PSP work up until 6.31 where I setup “base”. I was still working on the PSP when 6.60 was released, but porting my tools was laborious and I just stayed behind. The exploit found in 6.31 was used natively on this firmware, and until I did little more research when things didn’t work on 6.60  the hard truth was that it was patched in 6.35. This mistake (obviously) didn’t stop me from developing infinity, but it certainly was a large disappointment.

Infinity flashing the 6.61 firmware
Infinity flashing the 6.61 firmware

Some features have been temporarily removed due to some risks that will be corrected later, namely the update feature within the bootloader configuration app. You can still update to the latest version using the standard infinity installer. These features will be reintroduced when the risks have been corrected/confirmed. Remember you need the 6.31 and 6.61 updaters for system you will install the firmware on.

The applications required to install and run infinity
The applications required to install and run infinity

Wait no more, here is the link for infinity:


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  1. Will you post the technical write-up soon? I’m interested to read that, thanks.

  2. Thank you. Looks greatful!
    A zipped bundle of Infinity files:

  3. Is the source code available?

  4. amazing work 😀

    anyway, what about the recovery? is there a “safe boot” mode just in case anything happens?

  5. I tried LME cfw but for some reason CPS2 and MVSPSP emulators were not working properly
    so I installed PRO but I did it by downgrading with chronoswitch and
    thus removing the Resume Game function
    would it be possible to downgrade to 6.60 and the upgrade 6.61 and recover that feature?

  6. Hi can you give a like of recovery.prx to unbrick ? Thanks

  7. After signing maker & flasher size of eboots 50% less. I´m to shy testing them with my slim 4g*. I tested a signed ver. of bootload but it fails loading libconfig.prx and size was ~3mb, maybe can improved. Easypbprx.exe freeze if i use it on bootload.. cann´t remember if i had this fail on any other brews eboot.

    *today i try to replace location free play with a new lftv_plugin.prx. Guess what i got.. a frozen device lucky me it´s not bricked. Remove of location free player works^^ i wanna replace it IoI

  8. Working Perfectly!!!! And now i can even play ps1 games wich was a problem with the CFW 6.61 pro c-2 even with the popsloader plugin, now i dont even need that. 🙂

  9. Davee,我是一个中国人,我想要你的帮助,无论你是否愿意我都希望你能联系一下我,我求你了,你希望你也能明白我第一次得到它的感受.
    QQ: 1455624873

    Davee, I am a Chinese, I want to help you, whether you like it or not I hope you can contact me, I beg you, you hope that you can understand the first time I got the feeling of it.
    QQ: 1455624873

  10. Davee, you can write recovery for formatting flash1? My PSP 3000 cycle BSOD settings. Crash filesystem. Sorry my english, I from Russia

  11. What’s is going on with Infinity? Is there going to be a fix soon??? I know your PC died and that sucks. Did you get it fixed? Hopefully so. I manually updated to 1.02 on PSP GO. Everything working great except for the bugs that already has been reported. Thanks for the great work!

  12. i flash my psp 09g everything is fine until ask for reboot. reboot BSOD. how to recovery from this? now my psp bricked. has tested infinity recovery but no luck. have any other solution to unbrick my psp? Thanks.

  13. Hello.
    I have a problem applying a background in PSP. I can apply, but when you restart the device it disappears. I select the image and apply but disappears when you restart or turn off and on again.

  14. What a fucking douchebag davee is… where the holy fuck is the Infinity fix??? Let’s leave a half ass twat website showing a changelog for 1.02 but download for 1.00. Did your computer really break or you just a worthless cunt like your mother. Fuck you, fuck Infinity, and fuck davee.

  15. Installed your cfw but did not install chronoswitch. Where do I put that file?

  16. hello Davee, can you post a new file or data ?
    when I open 6.61 infinity Firmware Builder,the psp displayed that is damage.
    thanks for your efforts!

  17. Infinity config doesnt seem to patch LME or PRO permenantly. It just reboots back in 6.61 for me.

    My home button doesn’t work and the screen button works as home button in app/games.. but i doubt that that would be the reason for the patch not to work.
    I have a psp 2004 with mobo TA-085

  18. This is the cherry on my PSP cake, thanks so much Davee. I already loved this little device, but now with the perma CFW it is perfect (e.g. The ability to play so many retro games on the go (with physical buttons) and the option to hook the PSP 3000 up to a CRT TV using an s-video capable, to play all the PS1 classics fullscreen.)
    I’m a bit late to the party, but after reading about possible plugin problems, I never updated from 6.60 Pro B10. Turns out the few plugins that I use, work just fine as is.

  19. The PSPgo to the VITA is the DSLite to the 3DS XL. Easy to carry around and lots of fun to play. So yeah, thanks for Infinity so you have a real CFW feeling instead of having to run the enabler (like HENkaku offline through mail app). So it’s the Enso for the PSPgo 🙂

  20. @ByteMaster : That’s totally true , the CFW infinity is the must for the PSP Go and CFW enso for the PS Vita.

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  22. Emm…… where to download the 1.02 anyway

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