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First thing first, huge thanks to Proxima and some1. They’ve provided key utilities and advice for this research. So, yeah, it was really only a matter of time till this kind of thing happened. Sony dont just emulate the userland process of a PSP game, they emulate the entire kernel albeit, a modified kernel. The PSP emu has limited access to hardware, with interfacing the hardware done via a Kermit module. Kermit is a old-timers transmission protocol, likely used to talk to the native Vita.

The PS Vita, is a nifty little device, and the PSP emulator is a good target to get a huge library of homebrew. Check out the video below for a demonstration of what can be achieved.

You can see, that it works! The benefit is that HEN can access the core of the kernel, allowing almost seamless compatibility. However, as you may know, VHBL cannot run Lamecraft. Nor can this HEN currently. Lamecraft uses the OSK interface which has been replaced with Vita’s OSK. It’s likely a software error in the PSP kernel from the arguements passed in the homebrew.

There is other things, and perhaps i’ll make a post for them another time, but for now, later.


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  1. I found his work very good and I wanted to donate money to donate, how do I send an email to me

  2. I’m sorry that I live in Brazil and I do not speak English speaking Portuguese hardly know
    I hope that you comprienda I thank you I’m your fan

  3. I’m sorry, is that I live in Brazil, and I do not speak English, hardly know how to speak in Portuguese,
    I hope you that you comprienda me, thank you, I’m your fan!

  4. That amazing good work, that is necessary to attack the high prices of games, thanks Man!!!!

  5. tanks davee when relase???????????

  6. keep up the good work dee

  7. just my 2 cents: it seems clear, that this is a biiig fake. the only thing this guy have done is to make a gui for hen, nothing more. with the exception to not just load homebrew, but to also start psn-games that you have to buy on psn like normal.
    no hack here. no kernel mode. just fake-gui. LOL
    and you all are sitting here, and hoping the vita gets fully hacked! ;D
    dee, show us some real proof, without that, well sorry, you are just a kid whos trying to get some fame.
    …looser… ;D

  8. Bro, keep up this niceness you’ve got going on there. As For the negative criticism from people. THE RULE IS TO STFU.. till you bring something to the table. So Akir can go suck some nuts.

    But Keep it up man. If you need some Donation help, I could throw down in return for a promised working project. When I herd Homebrew came out for the vita, By the time I Bought it, the game had been pulled. And again just a couple days ago. Sooooo… yea. just a suggestion. I’m not so fond of carrying two “Psp’s”. But I love the homebrew on PsP.

  9. Come ON davee release it … we all w8 your good new’s … keep goin good job …

  10. lol @ haters what have you lot released this guy has released soo much stuff for the psp you have not got a clue he will release it when he is ready he always has

  11. akiraXTC you asked for it buddy! Davee is a SAINT! why would he waste everyone’s time by making fake GUI when he can just hack for real, you fucking tit!

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