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Well, this place has been cleaned up a little bit and I can log back in again. You might of noticed that I’ve changed the theme, and you’ll probably find out that I do this often!

Well this post is going summarise what the hell I’ve been doing since my last post in terms of development and perhaps you’ll be disappointed. Follow the link and find out! Yes, I’m back! If you speak to me on IRC then you’ll quickly find out that I’ve not been away. I have however been busy, which is an entirely different matter. I have been working at a software development company as a summer intern and it has been preventing me working on projects recently. However I’ve been drilling away on a few things.

  1. PSVita.
  2. QtKryptography.
For the vita work. I can’t say much, however there has been some leaps in this area. I’m not here to tease, but if you’re a developer and you’re *serious* about vita development then get in touch with me in comments or the other mirage of places that I exist.

QtKryptography. If you are unfamiliar to Qt, then look it up! Qt is a C++ toolkit/framework that provides a huge selection of tools and functionality that significantly lower application building time. What makes this even cooler is that Qt code runs on a huge array of devices including: windows, mac and linux. This project is here to introduce a powerful way to use cryptography using the Qt library types. If you want to contribute or follow the project, then please follow my bitbucket account.

Other than that, I’ve not really had much time for development. However, my summer placement sadly comes to an end soon and once that is gone they’ll be more time for development (and looking for another placement for next year).

So keep an eye on this page for any useful information. I hope to provide some more information on kermit and provide more updates with my recent experience with C++11.

As always, follow me on twitter: DaveeFTW.

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  1. Welcome “back”. Looking forward to seeing what aces you have in your sleeve for the Vita 🙂

  2. Nice to get a brief update on the Vita situation. All the best with it. If you need a hand with anything just pop me a message.

  3. clean theme, remeber theres always time for the vita 😉

  4. welcome back … and yay vhbl is back on!! .. i was tired when i typed the other message and just noticed i typed vbhl instead of vhbl my bad…

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