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First thing first, huge thanks to Proxima and some1. They’ve provided key utilities and advice for this research. So, yeah, it was really only a matter of time till this kind of thing happened. Sony dont just emulate the userland process of a PSP game, they emulate the entire kernel albeit, a modified kernel. The […]

As an ongoing project, me and some1 have been enhancing this downgrader from birth on the 6.31/6.35 firmwares. This multi-firmware downgrader allows you to install a lower (or higher) firmware without any fuss. No complex flash0 sharing, just running the firmware update. However, there comes restriction with PSP models and compatible firmware. For example, a […]

The private key for the KIRK 0x10 functionality is known to be stored in a encrypted buffer of 0x20 bytes. Proxima discovered that the KIRK 0x10 operates as this: Kirk 0x10 – ECDSA Sign hash Invocation: u8 buffer[0x34] u8 encryptedprivatekey[0x20] – the private key returned by KIRK 0xC must be AES encrypted somehow u8 SHA1hashofmessagetosign[0x14] […]

First a huge thanks to Gusha for his huge support donating a lot of time for testing stuff on his TA-88v3, cheers mate! This post I’ll describe what I have found out so far with the TA-88v3 and provide a model representing the security and operation of the TA-88v3 pre-IPL. Unfortunately, the hash has not […]



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this is a test. cheers guys.

Sony, being as sneaky as they are decided to do a rather interesting move. As researched by Coyotebean, Sony started enforcing using a public key method of verifying KIRK data and removing the ability to load the old types of data. As they did this, firmware 6.30+ cannot decrypt the updater and the PRX inside […]


Now that 6.20 TN-A is out in the open, allow me to describe the kernel vulnerability used. Back in 5.70/6.00 Sony introduced a feature into the sceUtility_private library that allowed to set and unset a callback with kernel privileges. sceUtility_private_764F5A3C //Set power callback sceUtility_private_2DC8380C // release (unset) power callback These two functions are not normally […]